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You can add a link from Cadenza to your own music site for free, but in return, by using the form on this page, you agree to first add a link from your site to Cadenza. (If you add a graphic to our page, you must add the graphical version of the link to Cadenza from your site.)

Please note: we are not accepting any new links from non-music sites.
We will log your IP address when you use the form on this page.

To exchange links with Cadenza, cut and paste one of the following sections of HTML into your page:

HTML code for a graphical link to Cadenza:

 <center><div align="center"><a href="http://www.cadenza.org">
<img src="http://www.cadenza.org/links/cadlink.gif"
width="400" height="40" alt="www.cadenza.org" border="0"></a><br>
Visit <a href="http://www.cadenza.org">Cadenza</a> -
resources for classical and contemporary musicians</div></center>

It looks like this:

Visit Cadenza - resources for classical and contemporary musicians

HTML code for a text link to Cadenza:

 <center><div align="center">Visit <a href="http://www.cadenza.org">
Cadenza</a> - resources for classical and contemporary musicians

It looks like this:

Visit Cadenza - resources for classical and contemporary musicians

Then, to add your music link to Cadenza's large and growing collection, just fill in the form below and press the Add link button. Thanks very much!

To modify an existing link, please resubmit the link using (if possible) the same email address and password.


Choose the best category for your site from the following list:

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Type in the URL of your site (e.g. www.cadenza.org) -
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Enter the title of your site (e.g. Cadenza):

Type a short description of your site at this URL (optional):

Tell us the URL or web address of the page on your site
where you've already added a link to cadenza.org (as explained above) :

Optionally, to swap graphical links, enter the URL, width and height of your banner:

Width (30 - 600 pixels):Height (20 - 120 pixels):

Please enter your E-mail address (e.g. fred@cadenza.org) -
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When you've filled in the boxes above, please check your entry carefully for mistakes, and when you're happy, press

If you have any problems with or questions about the above, please contact us - Cadenza reserves the right to remove any unsuitable or non-reciprocated links, and to recategorize and/or change the descriptions of links where appropriate.

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