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We have a new variation experiment running here at the Cadenza MIDI Diary. Following on from Dan Rowe's original 1998 theme and the many variations posted since, we have asked Jim Taylor to write a new theme, and invite everyone to have a go at making MIDI variations on this theme.

Jim's piece appeared here first on 28 January 2005. As we receive variations, we'll post them below, on this page.

To take part, download either version of the original theme (or any of the variations on it, which will appear below) and then make alterations to the file to produce a new variation.

Submit your new file in the usual way, remembering to say (in case we don't notice) that this is a Jim Taylor Design variation and telling us which file you've made the variation on. (This is so we can track the progress of variations on variations etc.)

Please have a go at making a variation!

Here are the Design theme and some of the variations ...

Jim's original theme (bass intro and melody only), copyright © 2005 Jim Taylor, and posted 28 January 2005.

Jim's theme with harmony, copyright © 2005 Jim Taylor, and posted 28 January 2005.

Warm Front, copyright © 2005 Dan Rowe, and posted 1 February 2005.

Relativity, copyright © 2005 Ricardo Frantz, and posted 8 February 2005.

A variation on Jim Taylor's theme, copyright © 2005 Tony Matthews, and posted 6 March 2005.

JDesKB1, copyright © 2005 Keith Bramich, and posted 13 March 2005.

JDesKB2, copyright © 2005 Keith Bramich, and posted 14 March 2005.

Variation on a theme by Jim Taylor, copyright © 2005 Brandon Bijan Homayouni, and posted 2 May 2005.

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