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Name: Carlos Ricardo Caicedo Russi
Skills: Accompanist, Arranger, Composer, Player, Teacher, Writer, Computer programming and MIDI
Phone: +58 41 940153
Fax: +58 41 940153
Address: Av. Principal Caja de Agua, Finca Los Andes, Tinaquillo, Cojedes 2001, Venezuela
Links: Website     E-mail
Born Date: 1975, October 6. Composer and viola player. I played in a symphonic orchestra since 12 until 21. Then dedicate my time to composition, chamber music, and computers (programming and MIDI). I studied in Orquesta Nacional Juvenil de Venezuela. My real teachers: the viola virtuoso Rodolfo Samglimbeni, the spanish/german conductor maestro Jordi Mora, the maestro virtuoso of doublebass Luis Gomez Imbert and the great virtuoso maestro of harpsichord Abreu.

If you are a soloist or ensamble interested in a solo, concert or any work, please e-mail me at If you are honest and clear, I can write for you. My work is free only if you put correctly my credits in the concert program, and recognize the work as mine. My style is very eclectic, but i try to be clear, pretty and audible. I can work with you and your ideas, I write works played in Venezuela. This is the list: /Concerts/ Doublebass, mandolin, viola, flute, piccolo, trombone. /Chamber/ Solos for violin, viola, and harpsichord Duos for harpsichord&flute; viola&flute Two trios for flute, viola, cello Quartet for flute, violin, viola, doublebass Quintet for flute, violin, viola, cello, doublebass /Orchestra/ Little overture /Pedagogic/ Little concerts for viola, violin, flute, and tiny ensables, and solo pieces. ... and a lot of studies for many instruments.

I love the animals, art, literature, science, computers and Bible study (oops, forget my wife). You can speak me about music or anything. Forgive me if I sound pedantic, I try to apply the biblic principles but I be human and do mistakes (including this paragraph). I plan to self-publish my works, and works of others, in my site, as a Postcript archive or Cakewalk sequence.

I'm very sorry for my poor english. I speak spanish really, but can understand a bit of another languajes, like english, french, italian, portugues, esperanto and german. Feel free of e-mail me in any language, especially spanish or english, if you wish to play any of my works, you wish to make any plan with me or simply wish to speak me. Thanks.



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