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Name: Adolfo C F Mendonça
Skills: accompanist, arranger, composer, player, teacher (Keyboard and Piano Player)
Address: Santos 11055-240, Brazil
Links: E-mail
I am a keyboard player from Brazil, have 17 years old. I have some compositions based on improvisations (the most sound like Symphonic Heavy Metal, but there are ballads and many styles also) and I would like to show it to people around the world.

I also play in a band with the not-fixed name Som Livre (Free Sound), that playes progressive rock. the band hasme at the keyboards, Djalma at acoustic guitars/el. guitars/vocals and Ivan at Drums/Percussion. We are in the start, but got 3 complete musics. One of them is Divino Cavaleiro (Divine Knight) by Djalma, and arranjed by the group. The duration is 9:30.

Well, that's it. I have been playing for the last 7 years, and passed by the following bands (and some more): Olhos de carla (1998)- Mpb, 2 releases recorded, 5 shows Theogonia (1998) - Heavy Metal Overload (1999) - Heavy Metal Route 69 (1999) - Pop, 2 shows Chacal (2000) - Pop Rock, CD recorded and published Som Livre (2000) - Progressive Rock



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