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Name: Milos Bok
Skills: Composer, Conductor, Teacher (pianist and organist)
Phone: +420 2 72740631
Fax: +420 2 72740631
Address: Srobarova 22, Prague 10 101 00, Czech Republic
Links: Website     E-mail
Milos Bok was born on 16 January 1968 in Prague. Because of his exceptional talent, he was accepted at the age of twelve by the Prague Conservatoire, where he studied the piano under Professor Jaromir Kriz. Soon after completing his studies at the Conservatoire in 1988, he became the last student of Professor Josef Palenicek at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, studying under him until Palenicek's death in 1991. He has won a total of six prizes in Czech and international competitions. Ever since his childhood he has felt an irresistible need to compose and to conduct. His initial attempts at conducting a concert and a symphony remained unfinished, but in 1986 he produced his first significant work, a Missa solemnis, and this was soon followed by a Missa brevis in E Flat Major in 1987. Both works have been performed by the composer on numerous occasions, meeting with unexpected success. His next work was a Missa brevis in F Sharp Major (1988), which was composed at the same time as the oratorio The Fairies from Krinice Valley (completed and performed by the composer for the first time in 1993). It was this work that he performed with great success at his graduation concert in the Rudolfinum concert hall in Prague, which marked the successful completion of his studies in conducting at the Prague Conservatoire (1991-93) under Professor Marius Klemens. Since 1994 he has devoted himself to the composition of the oratorio Saint Zdislava, the finale of which was first performed in 1998. The composer plans to compose a further oratorio, Apocalypse in Kamenicka Stran, which is intended to complete a trilogy of oratorios. He is also engaged in arranging and scoring for particular instruments the works of his contemporaries Jaroslav Pelikan and Jaroslav Novak. Because of his strong views on liberal society and its values, the composer is not active in official cultural and artistic circles. Since 1987 he has worked as a teacher at various primary schools. In 1998 he founded an artistic group together with long-standing friends. He is also active as an organist in the Plzen and Litomerice dioceses. Bok's Missa Solemnis was perfomed on May 30th 1999 in New York's Carnegie Hall.



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