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Name: Filippo Tampieri
Skills: player, soloist, CELLIST
Phone: +39 (0)95 317133
Fax: +39 (0)95 317133
Address: via di sangiuliano, 182, catania 95131, Italy
Links: Website     E-mail
CELLIST RESUME F.T. was born in Cesena (Forlì) on June 9, 1968. When he was ten he began his Studies with Professor L.Malusi then he has been accepted by Professor R.Filippini. As a pupil and he completed his master of music degree at "Verdi" Conservatory In Milan on 1989 with full marks.

He won a lot of national and international competitions: "Concorso Nazionale di Vittorio Veneto"(1986), "Concorso Nazionale Città di Genova" (1985), "Concorso Internazionale città di Stresa"(1984), "Premio Internazionale Calpurnia in Città di Castello" (1989)ecc.

He attended specialization courses with teachers: Rocco Filippini, M.Brunello and M.Flaksman; "W.Stauffer Foundation" in Cremona, "R.Romanini Foundation" in Brescia and in "Music Association of Villa Contarini" in Padova (1986/7,1994/5 And 1990/3) He was Flaksman's assistant professor in summer specialization courses "Castel del Monte" in Andria and at Staatliche Musik Hochschule in Heidelberg Mannheim.(Germany 1994/5) He was cello Professor at "Refice" Conservatorio in Frosinone on 1996.

He played as 2° solo cello in a movie produced by RAI (Radiotelevisione Italiana),with conductor W.Delmann.. ("The wonderful six of Tchaikovskij" -1990) He served for several years (1987/1992) in RAI of Milan and in "I Pomeriggi Musicali"Orchestra of Milan as tutti-cello; then he played as Principal Solo cello at "Bellini"Theatre in Catania (1993/94), Symphonic Orchestra "Toscanini" in Parma (1995), S.O.Of Sanremo Theatre, (1997/98) and "International Orchestra of Italy" in Fermo. He record pieces as soloist for RAI of Trieste. He played in a concert for S.S. Giovanni Paolo 2° as tutti-cello with the Orchestra "I Virtuosi di S.Cecilia" on August 1995 and he played chamber music with soloist of Teatro "La Scala" di Milan in Festival "Sadurano Serenade" in Forlì. He Played as 2° solo- cello at "Teatro Comunale in Ferrara" and by S.O. "Haydn" In Bozen (1995/7). During his cello-studies he has studied composition and chorus direction and composition



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