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Name: Alberto Jacopucci Jacopucci
Skills: Composer
Address: Italy
Links: E-mail
Alberto Jacopucci was born to Tarquinia. He graduated in composition theory in the new music,in I press the Darmstadter Ferienkursen fur Neue Musik in theory of the composition, techniques of the tools to breath, treatment of the tools to arc with David Alberman and organ with Wolfang Mitterer, clarinet with Ernesto Molinari, where it deepens technical clarinettistiches of vanguard,(in special way the clarinet double bass),specializing him on the phenomenons that regulate the generation of the sounds, single and multiple, composing passages for alone clarinet and ensemble. To introduce Akademie fur Tonkunst for the Lectureses, Workshops, Foren, Performances, Diskussionen a Vortrage one passage of his for five groups mobile Bremsstrahlungs (Irradation of braked) .The composition makes use of a particular way of writing, that the author has developed departing from semantic ranges that space from the thin astrophysics to arrive to dwarf technologies. For this it is used some help of the composer Roland Kayn that it advises him to study the essays of Max Bense for the semiotica and of Abraham Moles for computer science and that of the Prof. Tito Tonietti the maximum Italian expert of the theory of the catastrophes, that also starts it to the studies of mathematics and physics. Its music is performed by the greatest interpreters of contemporary music, what: Guido Arbonelli, Christ Barrios, Simone Mancuso, Manel Ribera, Annette Riesner, Jeremias Schwarzer, Ensemble Surplus e Ellen Ugelvik, and in the most important international festivals of music contemporary: Berlino, Budapest, Colonia,Parigi,Oslo, Varsavia,ecc… One work of his for alone cello, has been recently inserted in the catalog international Cello Works. Member of the Stichting Huyghens - Fokker of Amsterdam and the Contemporary Blockflute Music. In 2006 on suggestion of the prize Nobel for chemistry Harold Kroto, begins a vast job for big orchestra, based on the structure of the fullerene (molecule of carbon C 60).



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