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Name: Jules Bromley
Skills: Composer, Writer, Producer (Film, TV, game and commercial composer)
Address: United Kingdom
Links: Website     E-mail
Jules Bromley composes cutting edge content for TV, film, comercials and games. Founder of London dance label Planet Nice Records, Jules started life as a singer and keyboard player, before becoming involved in the London Nu House scene of the late '90's and producing numerous releases for Plaent Nice, Reolution Records, Filter Records. Etc.

His success as a dance producer soon caught the attention of the majors, and he was recruited for remix duties on behalf of Mercury, Emi, Warners, V2 etc., mixing hits for the likes fo Texas, Touch & Go, David Arnold & David McAlmont and Ultimate Kaos. His band Columbos was also singed to V2 Records and charted with their first single 'Rockabilly Bob', with Jules responsible for co-writing, arranging and producing the track.

For the last few years Jules has been honing his skills as a TV and film composer, combining his unique take on dance production, with orchestral arrangements, and traditional orchestration. His music has been used on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Big Brother, Cold Feet, Waterloo Road, Sky Sports to name but a few, and he's recent;y scored a new commercial for Hedex.



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