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Name: Indrayudh Bose
Skills: Player, Soloist, Teacher (Takes part in concerts as soloist and teaches Indian Classical Music.)
Phone: 9874012718
Address: Nabapally, Kolkata, West Bengal 700107, India
Links: Website     E-mail
Indrayudh Bose, son and disciple of eminent North Indian violinist Late Mily Bose, is also a North Indian classical violinst. Indrayudh is a musician belonging to the Senia Maihar gharana (style)as her mother was a disciple of famous Senia Maihar gharana violinist Smt. Sisirkana Dharchoudhury,a disciple of Pandit V. G. Jog and Ustad Ali Akbar Khan.

Indrayudh has adopted a special Gayaki style from his mother which was her very speciality. In fact, Indrayudh's style of playing is a very balanced blending of 'Gayaki'(vocal), and 'Tantrakari' (instrumental)style. Indrayudh is extremely particular in maitainning the purity of a 'raga' as well as exploring the subtle melodies of it to achieve a spiritual height.

Though very young in age, Indrayudh has already become a known name in India as well as in different parts of Europe as an eminent violinst of North Indian Classical style and also as a teacher of the subject. He regularly tours Europe to take part in concerts and work-shops.



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