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Name: Sukhamoy Banerjee
Skills: Accompanist, Arranger, Composer, Conductor, Player, Soloist, Teacher
Phone: +91-11-25221973
Fax: +91-125221973
Address: road no.57, delhi 011, India
Links: E-mail
belongs to a cultural background and musical family.very popular tabla player in india as well as music composer, make own fusion south-north tal samvad, accompanied with so many stallwart musician and also a huge talented musician, organize several programme,

many ace students are played in india and abroad,like paolo, mohon sethi, ravishankar popoff,kartik ramchandran, gurdit singh, mohit pandey, sanjay, omkar, ashis, saket,etc.etc.

interest to teach, to perform, to recording,help to organize any classical fest, to learn any knowledge from any learned person,very interst to mix with globally classical music, to visit here and there for music & musical institution,

very dislike fake publisity, fake talk, unscientific music,unhealthy atmosphere,quantity of programme instead of quality service, disregards anybody either music field or any. illogical talkingetc.etc.



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