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Name: Steffy Stella Maikalani Sigar
Skills: Accompanist, Composer, Singer, Soloist
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Family surname: orig. Kahanamoku family Father: Yuki Sigar married to Peggy Barbara Daughter/Son: Steffy Sigar and George . Steffy was born in Maui, Hawaii in 1989. George was born in Loma Linda, California in 1991. Father & Daughter collab. pianist/singer Hana, Maui 4/3/1996 Parents Separated 1996. Divorced in 2000. Steffy knew this was the biggest downfall to her. She taught herself to play the piano. A lot of times she has cousins her well professional musicians and thankful for her gracious time to spend time with her. Steffy and her brother currently lives in Southern California attending school. more info.



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