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Name: Angela Madjarova
Skills: Accompanist, Player, Soloist
Phone: +359 899 102 711
Address: Buhovo, Bl 22, ap.23, Sofia 1836, Bulgaria
Links: Website     E-mail
Angela Madjarova is a graduate of the Bulgarian National Academy of Music in Sofia. Her international musical career began as a child, while she was playing in the Youth Symphony Orchestra "Pioneer" and had the chance to perform with some of the greatest musicians of the time, such as Maestro Lenard Bernstein, Katia Ricciarelli, Raina Kabaivanska, later with Emil Tchakarov, Julian Kovatchev, Gianlugi Gelmetti to accompany Agnes Baltsa, Nikolai Ghiaurov, Mirela Freni, Itzkah Perlman, Salvatore Accardo…

Mrs. Madjarova is a harp performer with an international presence, her repertoire consists of a wide range of different musical styles, from baroque and classic, through romanticism and impressionism, all the way to contemporary... She has performed as a soloist and a principal harpist of many different orchestras around the world: in Bulgaria, France, Spain, Germany, Egypt, Italy, Greece, Ex-Yugoslavia, Turkey, USA, Mexico, Thailand, China, Cyprus, Brazil… Mrs. Madjarova has made recordings of a number of solo harp pieces for the Bulgarian RTV, Sarajevo RTV, Mexico RTV as well as for Balkanton and Pentagon Classics publishing houses.

Her professional interests cover solo performances, chamber music with a large variety of formations, large scale orchestra projects. She would never miss an opportunity to take a new challenge keenly experimenting and exploring unknown artistic territories and enriching her knowledge of the music cultures of the world. Her deepest belief is that music is a means of achieving peace, beauty, inner harmony, intellectual and emotional development.



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