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Name: Travis Brolin Cherry
Skills: Composer
Phone: 9530 3640
Address: Australia/ Melbourne 3185, Australia
Links: E-mail
As an amatuer composer I have found improvisation and recording more helpful. My first symphony is yet to be performed though thankfully most of my small ensemble works have been performed locally. I write for insturments that I am more familiar with such as the Piano, Classical Guitar, Violin and Voice.

Though I have been able to write in various forms and a wide range of instuments. Mostly inspired by the work of early 20th century composers. In particular Stravinsky, Satie, Mozart, Antheil and many experimental improvised styles. Also I have com- misioned film music which also interest's me verily.

I enjoy studying philosophy and science and music has been integral to this. After my years at the Victor- ian College of Arts I hope do my masters in the psy- chology of music and arts in general. So I veiw music and art as an evolutionary thing. But I also write in old forms and popular styles and enjoy that too.



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