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Name: John P. Tracy
Skills: Arranger, Composer, Player, Singer, Soloist, Teacher, Writer
Phone: +1 250 475 1860
Address: 860 Short St.,, Victoria v8x-2v5, Canada
Links: E-mail
I was born in Toronto, Canada in 1954. I have NO formal musical training. I learned to play the "rock & roll" instruments (guitars, keyboards and percusion) by ear as well as teaching myself to read scores.After many "bands" formed then fell apart before the 2nd gig, I turned to songwriting as a means to put forth my feelings However, not everyone was comfortable with my "feelings" and I put my talent on hold while I "got a life". Well, one or two lives later and thanx to the computer age and midi I'm able once again to get my compositions down and also heard by the unsuspecting e-world!



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