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Name: McCartneyland Strings
Skills: Ensemble (Violin/Viola Duet.)
Phone: +44 (0)20 75646782
Address: 29a Buchan Rd, London SE15 3HQ, United Kingdom
Links: Website     E-mail
Samantha and Chris McCartney met at the Trinity College of Music London junior department in 1992, where they both had the same violin teacher (Aidan Massey). They started playing violin and viola duets together back then.

When Sam finished the Junior Department, they went their separate ways, Sam went on to the Trinity College of Music Senior department where she studied for four years and obtained a Bachelor of Music degree (BMUS TCM HONS) and Chris stayed on at Lewes Tertiary College, studying music.

During their time apart, they both played with many different organisations and artists, to name a few:- Sam played with the Hertfordshire Chamber orchestra, a jazz group who performed in the '12 Bar Club' (Tin Pan Alley, London) and she also played weddings and functions with a fellow student at college. Meanwhile Chris concentrated his efforts on a Folk Group which he himself helped to create, although he was still playing in orchestras and smaller ensembles at the same time. His band became popular in some South London scenes, and they played various venues in the area.

However in 1998 Sam and Chris met up again and got back together, and later got engaged and eventually married in June 2000. They resumed playing their duets and are now currently performing at weddings, dinners, parties, and various other functions.



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