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Name: Charles L Alcox
Skills: Accompanist, Arranger, Teacher, Producer (Master keyboardist and sequencer)
Phone: +1 (863) 853 4442
Address: 302 Corona Del Mar St, Lakeland FL 33809, United States
Links: E-mail
I am a blind musician who plays keyboards, does master sequencing and operates a recording/production studio from my home. I also teach vocal lessons using the Seth Riggs method

I attended Law School, but knew that it was not what I wanted. I graduated from high school when I 13 and left home to make something of my life. I do some live performances and have traveled worldwide.

It is my goal to build a successful business with my recording abilities. Through computer technology, I am able to work with people requiring music services from all over the country.

If interested, please contact me. I have demos/resume and references available



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