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Name: Rivka Stern
Skills: Composer
Phone: 972-2-9991882
Address: 38 Nachal Sorek st., Beit Shemesh 990110, Israel
Links: Website     E-mail
Biography: Rivka Stern was born in Haifa, Israel 1963. Her parents origin mixed from Luxemburg and Lebanon. Her father was Violinist, and she listened to a lot of live concerts from a very early age. Learnt Classical Ballet from age 12, and started to play Classical guitar from age 14. In age 21 composed her first Vocal song with guitar. Composed tens of songs from a lot of styles: Country, folk, soul, children songs etc. In December 1999 released her first musical Album with 14 traditional songs in Hebrew, where she composed all the melodies, played the guitar and sing. In January 2000 she started to lear Piano. Never take any lesson from any teacher up-to-date, but worked very hard on technic, especially on left hand. Her natural fingers skill helped her to establish the piano level she own today. All her Classical compositions for piano solo are recorded Live while she compose them, using Roland RD-100.

Solo Piano: Rivka Stern is a classical music composer, that compose new tonal music. Most of her works are for Piano Solo. Known as a special melodist, distinguished with a deep spiritual inner meditation and gentle beauty. Her music is original and authentic, wich use the Classical Music language to express the contemporary life



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