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Name: Roman Svirlov
Skills: Soloist, Teacher
Phone: 7485453
Address: Amin-El Refay, 31b, app.1. Dokki , Cairo, Egypt
Links: E-mail
Age : 32 Years, born 15.October 1968 Education: 1993 - 1996 has studied at the post-graduate course of Moscow State Conservatory under prof. Sergey Girshenko and received a certificate of the violinist -concert soloist, leader of chamber and symphonic orchestras, teacher of high music school. 1987– 1993 has studied at Moscow State Conservatory under prof. Varery Klimov and prof. Sergey Girshenko. 1980 – 1987 has studied at Moscow Central Music School under prof. Boris Korsakov and prof. Varery Klimov.

Work experience: 1998 – 2001 work as a second concertmaster of Cairo Symphony Orchestra. 1997 –1998 work as a second concertmaster of Moscow Symphony Orchestra "TV-6" by A.Vedernikov. 1997 –1998 work in ensemble of ancient music „Academy of Authentic Music" by Tatiana Grindenko. 1996 - 1998 work in "Ensemble of Contemporary Music" by V.Vinogradov ("Society of Moscow composers").

Practical skills: - Take part in many concerts of chamber music and as a soloist in Russia and Egypt in which play music various epoch and styles. - As a professional musician teacher (violin) has preformed the students for the entering Moscow Central Music School and Boston Walnut Hill School.

Language skills: - Russian spoken and written. - English spoken and written. Music Prize: 1991 Taken part in the international competition of violinist's in Portugal "Vianna da Motta" and received a diploma.



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