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Name: David Colin Bell
Skills: Accompanist, Teacher (Piano)
Phone: +44 (0)1737 354810
Address: 23, Beech Grove, Epsom KT18 5UG, United Kingdom
Links: E-mail
I am an experienced piano accompanist although I don't perform professionally. I have over 12 years experience of playing for singing teacher's lessons, previously for Fabian Smith (ex Guildhall) and currently for Helen Watkins. I am also meeting weekly with a retired flautist. I also studied singing with Fabian Smith some years ago. In the past, I worked for many years with a soprano and a contralto and we performed many public concerts, mostly for charity. I also worked with a cellist. I am a great lover of the cello. I have been teaching the piano for 9 years and hold the CT ABRSM. I am an ISM member.

I would very much like to work with other solo singers and/or instrumentalists of a good standard and I would be interested in chamber music. I would want to work to a high standard and would be interested in doing public concerts for charity as well as playing purely for pleasure and to build up a repertoire.



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