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Name: Jim Taylor
Skills: Arranger, Composer
Phone: +1 972 783 7345
Address: 333 Melrose#28D, Richardson, Tx 75080, United States
Links: Website     E-mail
Need words put to music? Music to words? Real melodies? Don't ask why or how, but I can write music as easy as I can talk. I can write or arrange for full symphonic orchestra, concert band,and any vocal or instrumental ensemble. I usually don't have time to use this talent though, having been a band director for 26 years.

I guess it's better to write when you need to than just doing it in search of a publisher. I have a closet full of music (I did two arrangements for band this week) that I wrote this way. It got me lots of one's at contest, but in spite of all the publishers and gushing these music companies do, they just sit on your stuff when you send it in.

I don't care. I know my stuff is good music and I manage on a teacher salary. If you need some quick music, just let me know.



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