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Name: Vasilis Nicolopoulos
Skills: Arranger, Composer, Player, Singer, Sound Engineer,Producer,Programmer
Phone: 8003139
Address: DIOS 23A N.KIFISSIA, ATHENS,Kifissia,Attica 14564, Greece
Links: E-mail
-'doitmusic'- is an artist with a different new perception for music creation. He is a composer and producer and also a sound engineer.He is related with Live Audio Concerts,music production,sound and digital production application techniques. Music Orchestration and other. The music sounds fresh and new, a good way to escape and realize things, it could trip you at any place,era and dimention!!! "Love The Art Inside Yourself. Not Yourself Inside Art" (Stanislavski)

Be Aware of the 'Mind awake'live demo or the "I Understand", trip hop+acoustic+world soundy Love song??? Take a taste Of the mixed elements of"Euphoria"and"Jungle Euphoria"songs. Check the art(cool),lyrics(cool),sign my guestbook, or do whatever you feel like. I'll be glad to talk again. Any ideas about promoting my music are welcomed. Any comments are welcomed in terms of respect. Peace. -doitmusic-

The band-doitmusic-(Vasilis Nicolopoulos.) exists about 15 years.His musical education started by learning Traditional Greek String instrument bouzouki,followed by a few years of piano lessons and a few years of drum and guitar lessons.After that,he studied sound engineering(S.A.E. college)and digital sound production techniques(MEDIA college)in London.He created a band there(Depends)and stayed for four years.Later he worked as a Main Sound Engineer at Live Audio Concerts with mainstream artists.At the present he is doing music productions and compositions,creations with electronic sound base,mostly mixed with acoustic traditional instruments,but not only!The creations could be dance,ethnic,a rock baland,an industrial,or a pop soundy piece.Could Be Gothic Or Hard trance...Could be Anything!For now just try to hear,not to listen



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