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Name: Wayne Michael Peppercorn
Skills: Composer
Address: 1218 Creekwood, Batavia, OH 45103, United States
Links: Website     E-mail
Classical composition is my heart's voice. I believe music should "glorify God, serve as a resource for enjoyment, a place to have your spirit touched, lifted, and re-energized". For me, the best musical vehicle to accomplish this goal is tonal and structured compositions. 

Music usually reflects the times in which it was written. Today's music is no exception. Unfortunately, the narcissism, irresponsibility, and anger (rage) of our society is reflected in some of today's music. Personally, I find no enjoyment from works that are thus conceived. 

It is my opinion that a lot of today's serious composers neglect one very important music ingredient...the listener. One only has to look at the drop off in concert attendances to see we have a problem. Please understand that I am neither condemning anyone nor their musical style. However, it does appear our generation has turned it's back on the "serious music audience"; today's audience does not (maybe can't) understand most of today's serious music (probably because it's not written for them, i.e. the patrons, the listeners).

It is my hope, having said the above, you may understand the essence and purpose of my writing. Thanks again for visiting.



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