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Name: Teodor Nicolau
Skills: Composer
Phone: +358407364620
Address: Hilatie 32, Helsinki, Finland
Links: Website     E-mail
The Romanian / Finnish composer Teodor Nicolau was born on 16th of March 1947 in Turda – Romania. He studied violin in Cluj and in Bucharest and received his graduation diploma at Avy Abramovich’s class in 1971; he also studied violin in France (Christian Ferras). Between 1976-1979 he studied at conductor’s class of J. Panula at Sibelius Akatemia in Helsinki and followed the master-classes of Sergiu Celibidache in Germany. During his early years in Romania, he studied composition with Celestin Cherebetiu in Cluj, and was an active audient member at Anatol Vieru’s composition class in Academia de Muzica of Bucharest. During his conductor studies in Helsinki, Einar Englud, his instrumentation professor, guided Teodor Nicolau into composition as well.       He played as violinist in George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra (1971-1975) and ever since 1976 he has been playing the violin in The Helsinki Philharmonic Orkestra. As an conductor Teodor Nicolau have had appearences in Finland, Romania, Rep. of Moldova and Macedonia.        Music awards as a composer:  - a 6th prize at “Crossover Composition Competition” Mannheim – 2009.

THE COMPOSITIONS OF TEODOR NICOLAU: WORKS FOR THE STAGE: "FAIRY  TAIL  ABOUT  A  SMALL   VIOLIN" op. 10 for  narrator - mezzosoprano and orchestra. Text author: Anni Swan , poetry: Raili Mikkanen . Orchestra: 1,1,1,1, -2,1,1,0 - 2 perc. and strings Duration:  ca 30' Distributor: FIMIC, Finland WORKS FOR ORCHESTRA OR LARGE ENSEMBLE: "BACCHANALE" op. 9 for  full orchestra: 2+1,2+1,2+1,2, - 4,3,3,Tuba, Timpani+2 perc, Celesta, Harp and strings, and "BACCHANALE" op. 9b, version 2 for orchestra: 2+2+2+2- 4,3,3,Tuba, Timpani+2 perc, Celesta, Harp and strings Duration:  ca 2' Distributor: FIMIC, Finland  /// "MUSIC  FOR  7  PAINTINGS" op. 11 b for  full orchestra:  2222 – 4220 – Timp. + 2 Perc., Harp and strings Duration:  ca  15' Distributor: FIMIC, Finland  /// "MIORITIC  ROOTS" op. 12 b for   full  orchestra:  2(+Pan Fl.optional),2,2,2, - 4,2,2,1 – Timp. + 2 perc. -  Harp and strings Duration:  ca 17' Distributor: FIMIC, Finland  /// "TWO  PIECES  FOR  ORCHESTRA" op. 14 for full orchestra -2222-4331-T+2 perc-Hrp-Cel-strings. Durration: ca. 7’-8'  Distributor: FIMIC, Finland WORKS FOR SOLOIST AND ORCHESTRA (OR CHAMBER ORCHESTRA): OBOE  CONCERTO  op. 3 for oboe solo and small orchestra Orchestra: 0000-1200-Timpani + 2 Perc, Strings Duration:  ca 24'  Publisher: Helin & Sons, Finland   /// "MISSISSAUGA-SUITE" op. 5 for flute and string orchestra + harp "MISSISSAUGA-SUITE" op. 5 b for violin and string orchestra + harp, and "MISSISSAUGA-SUITE" op. 5 c for oboe (+english horn) and string orchestra + harp Duration:  ca 15'  Publisher: Helin & Sons, Finland  /// "POEME  CONCERTANTE" op. 12 for  solo violin and full orchestra. Orchestra: 2(+Pan Fl.optional),2,2,2, - 4,2,2,1 – Timp. + 2 perc. -  Harp and strings Duration:  ca 23' CHAMBER MUSIC WORKS: 3  MINIATURES  op. 4 for oboe and clarinet. Duration:  ca 20'  Publisher: Helin & Sons, Finland   /// "HORN-SUITE" op. 6 for french horns quartet "HORN-SUITE" op. 6 b for 12 violins and harp "HORN-SUITE" op. 6 c for 12 violas and harp, and "HORN-SUITE" op. 6 d for 6 french horns Duration:  ca 15' Publisher: Helin & Sons, Finland   /// "GIPSY-SONG" op. 7 for oboe, violin and piano "GIPSY-SONG" op. 7 b for 6 or 12 violins and piano, and "GIPSY-SONG" op. 7 c for 2 violins and piano Duration:  ca 6'  Distributor: FIMIC, Finland   /// "17  CHAMBER  MUSIC MINIATURES" op. 8 for  string quartet, and "17  CHAMBER  MUSIC MINIATURES" op. 8 b for string orchestra Duration:  ca 27' Publisher: Helin & Sons, Finland  /// "MUSIC  FOR  7  PAINTINGS" op. 11 for 7 players: oboe, violin, viola, v-cello, harp, accordion and perc. Duration:  ca.  15'   /// "FAIRY  TALE  FOR  A  DUO" op. 13 for 2 violins. Duration: ca. 7’-8'  Distributor: FIMIC, Finland   /// “KADUN  KULMISSA” (“AT THE CORNER OF THE STREET”) op. 15 for 5 players (oboe, violin, v-cello. accordion & perc.) and a dancer (optional) Duration: ca. 23'  Distributor: FIMIC, Finland

  Discography as a composer:          1 - "CARBONARA" CD    Flute solo: Matti Helin, Estonia Chamber Orchestra, conductor: Teodor Nicolau.    -ANTONIO VIVALDI - Concerto g minor F XIII n:o 5 "La Notte"    -TEODOR NICOLAU - Mississauga - Suite op.5    -W.A. MOZART -  Andante in C major KV 315    -C.W. GLUCK - Melody from Orfeo    -ESA PETHMAN - Butterfly Dream    -J.S. BACH - Orchestral Suite in B minor BWV1067       2 - "QUARANTA" CD    -PENTTI RAITIO - Quaranta & Scherzo    - UUNO KLAMI - Sonatina for string orchestra    -SEPPO PAAKKUNAINEN - En voi sua unhoittaa poies    -GABRIEL PIERNÉ - Chanson d'autrefois    -LEO BROUWER Cuban Landscape with Rain    -ILMARI HANNIKAINEN - Valse sentimentale    -ESA HELASVUO - Hirmulisko & Leffamusa    -ADAM CARSE - Rondino    -TEODOR NICOLAU - "Chambers music miniatures for young players" op. 8            ( Children's play, Transylvania Theme, Joc, Sword fight, Old stem locomotive, Siciliano, Prelude)    -Dmiti Shostakovitsh - Elegy & Polka        3 - "VIRTUOSO" CD - the TWIOLINS Marie-Luise and Cristoph Dingler    - BENEDIKT BRYDERN - Autobahn    -ALEKSEY IGUDESMAN - Fever of passion & Peesh moosh    -TEODOR NICOLAU - Fairy Tale for a Duo    -HOLLIS TAYLOR - Fast forward & Celebrate Moldova    -TINA TERNES - Windspiel    -EVELINA NOWICKA - Jongleurs    -DOROTHEA MADER - Pas de deux     



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