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Name: Ron Roos
Skills: Arranger, Composer, Player, Multimedia Web Design (Multimedia Web Development -
Phone: +1 909 389 9807
Address: 9410 Lilac Road, Forest Falls, California 92339, United States
Links: Website     E-mail
I was Trained in classical piano at an early age, but forcibly, so I hated it. Wasn't until about age 17 that I rediscovered the piano on my own (Grandma's baby grand) and rekindled my love for music, and opened the creative doors within myself. Bought a Roland linear synth shortly thereafter, and went nuts. Played keyboard for a Rock band, and recorded abstract stuff with another keyboardist, using an early MOOG synth, and an old ARP Oddysey. Put together a blues band with Gerry Ellenson (he's one of your reviewers here) called "Swine Blue", and had the time of my life. We've collaborated on a few MIDI's recently. Since that magic day on Grandma's baby grand, 23 years ago, I have become quite adept at playing the guitar (12 string acoustic, 6 string classical and an electric (Fender Strat), somewhat adept with the violin (4 of 'em), alto and tenor saxophone, harmonica (blues harp), and most recently, the computer. I do most of my sequencing with cakewalk, but also employ various other multitrackers including N-Track studio, as well as a myriad of sequencers, and other music related software for composition. The PC opened a lot of doors for me, musically. I'm a web developer by trade ( ), and have a built-in need for creative expression, which I feed regularly. On the job, my efforts are primarily visual, but in the wee hours of the night, I make music until I pass out in my chair. Favorite music includes anything by Rick Wakeman, Pink Floyd, The Mighty Flyers, Yes, Kansas, ELP, Pat Methany, Lyle Mays, Thelonius Monk, Al Dimeola, and Beethoven.



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