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Name: Barton Viar
Skills: Composer, Singer, Soloist
Address: United States
Links: E-mail
Well composed with outstanding time and care, Barton's music is classically centered, rooted in Memphis blues and is bright and airy with attractive complex melodies of extraordinary depth. The artist indeed combines extremely accurate guitar playing with wonderful keyboards and lush non-lyrical heavenly sensual female and male vocals provided either by Mimi and/or Barton.

All his influences are captured, from eastern spiritual, blues, southern rock, metal, rock-a-billy, blue-grass, Celtic and even hip-hop, using modern electric and ancient acoustic sting instruments. From the first note of his work, I was captivated by the simplicity and beauty of an extraordinary musician. Naturally roused tones are used to create a sound that is unique, otherworldly, and elegant. The resulting whole is an opulent, sensually arousing tapestry.



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