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Name: Andy Bungay
Skills: Arranger, Composer, Conductor, Writer
Phone: +44 (0)20 8467 4794
Address: 8 Whites Meadow, Bromley BR1 2LR, United Kingdom
Links: Website     E-mail
For some years now I've divided my time between semi-professional musicking and palliative work in social care, expressing I hope a modest continuation of Michael Tippett's aim to give the often voiceless a voice, supported by more enlightened attitudes in the creative corners of society.

My main musical focus is now Treffpunkt- various icarnations since 2003 have begat a committed and mutually proactive team. We take our cue as an ensemble from the zeitgeist of 17th century Europe, applied to New Work and New Thinking about familiar and unfamiliar material...

I'm one of those Composers who began as an instrumentalist (I'm still an occasional trombonist) whose good fortune in teachers and circumstance-finding in work occasioned becoming an arranger, then a composer. Recent work includes Muttering In The Shrubbery for ensemble and optional mime artist and 'Brel Songs' are in development with my occasional collaborator and client Russ Alsop,as is a double concerto for improvising violin and percussion.

Treffpunkt is my main focus as a conductor, and it allows me to work with a heartening diversity of artists and styles. I also work occasionally as a presenter writer and broadcaster and am happy to discuss projects



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