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Name: Peter Green
Skills: Composer (Electroacoustic, orchestral, studio production, sampler realisation)
Phone: +44 (0)1603 819005
Address: 22A Great Melton Road, Norfolk NR9 3AB, United Kingdom
Links: Website     E-mail
Award winning composer of cinematic orchestral / ensemble and experimental electroacoustic [electronic] works. Signed to Aphex Twins' Rephlex Records.

Awards and Commissions 2002 'Chain Ring' selected by SPNM (Society for the Promotion of New Music) in the 2002 call for new works. 2002 Radio 1 exclusive mix set for Mary-Anne Hobbs, & Rephlex 'One World' (Other national radio includes John Peel & Radio 3) 2002 Commissioned work for string & wind Ensemble and Electroacoustics, world premiere and live performance in the 'Sonic Circuits' Festival, Philadelphia. Work in progress.... 2001 Bourges 28th International Electroacoustic Festival works 'The Perception of Self' appeared as an award prize winner. 2001 Sonic Arts Network commissioned the music video work 'the perception of self in virtual community environments'. Performed in cinemas across the UK. 2000 Manger and Artist / Composer of the 'Virtual Creative Community' (VCC) webcast network for online composition and video production. 2000 Commissioned work for the Prince's Trust 'Party in the Park', performed in Hyde Park. 1999 HRH Duke of Kent and Mick Jagger presented the work 'MV" specially commissioned for the opening of the new Mick Jagger Centre for Performing Arts. A cross-genre work utilising orchestral, popular, and electroacoustic genres integrated with a computer graphics video. 1999 Bourges 26th International Electroacoustic Festival works 'Grrearra Reson' & video work 'DEHS' appeared as award prizes winners 1998 WestEnd production of 'Macbeth' (Westminster Theatre), commissioned full orchestral score and ambient sound. 1997 Cognition Audioworks (Canada) 'Challenger for the Millennium' first prize. 1997 DEHS and DEHS II awarded & performed at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival by SPNM (Society for the Promotion of New Music). 1996 Arts for Everyone (A4E) award from the Arts Council. 1996 SPNM short listed 'Nautilus 110', subsequently performed in the 1999 Isleworth Festival. 1996 Specially commissioned version of 'DEHS' ('DEHS II'), performed with dance as part of the Brighton Festival at the SalisBenny Theatre. 1995 'Sonic Arts Network' commissioned the work 'RASP'. 1995 Young Composers Burseries Award from the Foundation for Sport and the Arts. 1995 'Future Music' magazine gave 'Cornucopian 105' a feature including it on the cover CD. 1994 Film dance piece 'Wank Stallions', won the I.M.Z 'Dance / Screen Experimental Music Prize' Frankfurt.

DISCOGRAPHY 2002 Peter Green new album (New Rephlex CD album)(C.D.) 2001 Orchestral Love (Club Med CD,People Sound Records)(C.D.) 2001 Kite Hill (Orchestration for King of Woolworths album,Mantra Records)(C.D.) 2001 OriGiNaToR (MacroFi Records,Miami)(C.D.) 2001 Sonic Postcards (Sonic Arts Network SAN CD/01)(C.D.) 2001 Macbeth:An Original Score (Aphex Twin 's Rephlex Records;cat 114)(C.D.) 2001 Brain Dance (Rephlex Records)(C.D.) 2001 Lurvin ' U (String arrangements for Donna Dee)(C.D.single) 2000 Laptop Dancing (Rephlex -with Mike Dred)(C.D.) 1998 Virtual Farmer (Aphex Twin 's Rephlex Records;cat 070)(C.D.) 1997 Kraftwork @Nu Skool Elektro (Millennium Records)(C.D.) 1997 Code G (Tranz-phistor Dreamz)(box set E.P.) 1997 Code F (Machine Codes)(C.D.) 1996 Epnom Bymon (Machine Codes)(E.P.) 1996 Grrearra Falcon 113 (Machine Codes)(E.P.) 1995 Network Volume II (Martin Archer)(C.D.) 1995 Beyond The Box (Machine Codes)(E.P.)

Masters Degree in music 'Electroacoustic Music Composition' at University of East Anglia. BA (Hons) 'Visual & Performing Arts' University of Brighton. 1:1 in Electronic Sculpture / Digital Video Art / Installation. and music BTEC National Diploma in 'General Art and Design' and A-level Art



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