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Name: Abraham Zalman Walker
Skills: Composer
Phone: +1 (254) 728 3492
Address: 16438 N. HWY 377 , Stephenville, TX. 76401, United States
Links: E-mail
b. Dec. 30, 1948. Raised by overbearing mother, who forced music on him beginning at age 4 (piano) organ at 6. Relocated to Italy from U.S. to study with L. Dallapiccalo, Afterwords with L. Nono. Finally relocated to France, where studies were arranged with O. Messiaen.

Did not compose in any meaningful way from 20 years of age to 48 years of age. Since have produced numerous works ranging from Solo instrumental works to works for Full Orchestre, Choir, soloist. .. .. .. .. ..

Currently, very interested in working with indiviuals in the development of works for their needs for specific occasions and spaces.



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