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Name: Spiros A. Mazis
Skills: Composer
Phone: 010 8022878
Fax: 010 8055507
Address: Kifisias 189, Athens 15124, Greece
Links: Website     E-mail
Spiros Mazis was born in Corfu-Greece in 1957. He studied Trumpet, Piano and Theory of music at the National Conservatory in Athens, with Yiannis Avgerinos and Dimitris Dragatakis as his teachers and graduated with the diplomas of Harmony, Instrumentation, Counterpoint, Orchestration and Fugue, all pointed with 'A' degree. He continued his studies in composition with Yiannis Ioannidis and took his Diploma in 1990 with Distinction and First Prize. He attended composition seminars with Theodore Antoniou in Greece and Marco Stroppa and Tristan Murail in Hungary, where he also attended Computers and Electronic Music seminars, with David Waxman and Andrea Szigetvari.

Many of his works have been distinguished in composition contests, as his work "Barrier" for 15 musicians, in the competition of the "House of Fine Arts and Letters" in Athens, 1987 and his work "With the stream of the Nile" for solo piano, at the International Composition Competition of Paris Concours de Composition Prix Voya Toncich, 1987. Works of his have been performed in Greece and abroad and have been broadcast on the radio and TV.

His material consists of sixteen or forty-eight notes with microintervals. Most of his works are based upon extramusical ideas that derive from contemporary views of Physics and Mathematics and are transported with as much fidelity as possible, to the musical structure. Since his work entitled "Nine variations on an Arithmetical sonic Geometrical plan" in 1985, he began to relate music and mathematics. In 1992, he founded the studio of Electronic Music of the Experimental Conservatory and in 1994, a similar studio at the National Conservatory, in Athens. Since 1995, he is the Founder and Director of the "Classic and Contemporary Music and Center of Electronic Music" Conservatory in Athens. He is a member of the Union of Greek Composers

W O R K S 1. 8 SONGS Poems by: I.Ritsos, for baritone-flute-piano-cello Nietzsche, a) for soprano-basso-flute-clarinnet-piano b) for tenor-clarinet- 2 violins-percussion Pan Mo Hova, for alto-piano 2. EKLAKTISMAFor piano solo 1982 3. THE DANCE OF COUROIFor piano and clarinet 1983 4. ASTRAL TRAVELFor solo guitar 1983 5. TETRAKTISFor solo guitar 1984 6. THREE PIECES FOR SOLO GUITAR 1. SCHOLION 2. ANTIHISEIS 3. MORNING 1984 7. DIONISIAN TRIOFor flute-clarinet-piano 1984 8. THE TWO PYRAMIDESFor large orchestra 1985 9. COMPLEXFor 10 horns and 6 percussionists 1986 10. A to ZFor solo guitar 1986 11. SANDANAFor two guitars 1986 12. LIGHTTRACESConcerto for violoncello and orchestra 1986 13. THREE PIECES FOR WIND QUARTET: Flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon1. D.S.122. TONI3. PERMUTATIONS 1986 14. WITH THE STREAM OF THE NILEFor piano solo 1987 15. WAILS OF JEROMEFor choir and string orchestra 1987 16. BARRIERFor 15 performers 1987 17. SILENCE IN MOVEMENTFor large orchestra 1987 18. IMOGIFor violoncello and piano 1987 19. ECHOCOLORSFor solo guitar 1988 20. ANAPLASISFor chamber orchestra: (7 performers) flute, oboe, clarinet, quartet 1988 21. DIMENSIONS n.1For piano solo 1988 22. DIMENSIONS n.2For viola, violoncello, contrabass 1988 23. PETTIAFor 7 performers 1988 24. JUGENPiano concerto 1989 25. CONTRASTSFor string quartet 1989 26. THREE SONGSPoems by Lida Ventura 1989 27. CHALKIOPIFor brass trio trumpet, horn, trombone 1989 28. DREAMS For trombone and piano 1990 29. NIGHT FULL OF SOUNDSFor flute, viola, guitar 1990 30. IULOSFor solo flute 1990 31. UNDULATIONSFor two pianos 1990 32. FOUR CHILDREN PICTURESFor piano solo 1991 33. ALLIOTROPIESFor two guitars 1991 34. CLARITIESFor 15 performers 1991 35. RAPRESENTAZIONIFor violin and piano 1992 36. ELECTRONIC MUSIC 1. INVISIBLE ARROWS 1992 37. THREE SMALL PIANO PIECES 1. STATUS2. DIALOGUE3. SEVEN 1993 38. CONTRACANTIFor brass quintet 1994 39. ARRANGEMENTSFor clarinet, horn, violoncello 1994 40. ATLANTISFor large orchestra 1994-5 41. SELF SIMILARFor flute, oboe, clarinet, basson, horn, percussion1, harp, violin, viola, cello 1995 42. REFLECTIONSFor two pianos 1996 43. SEA COLORSFor three guitars 1997 44. ONCE UPON A TIME ON EARTHPiano concerto 1997 45. ECHOPLASMATAFor violin and piano 1998 46. JAPANESE SONGFor violin and guitar 1998 47. CORFUFor violin and guitar 1998 48. FUNCTION ORIENTALFor two pianos 1998 49. CONTRAPUNTO GRECOFor quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn) 1999 50. THREE PIECES For solo violin 1999 51. VISIONS OF TIMEFor violoncello and piano 2000 52. RATIOSFor piano solo 2000 53. ITHIMVOSFor violoncello solo 2000 54. POP COCKTAILFor string quartet 2001 55. A JOURNEY AND A DREAMFor chamber orchestra 2001 56. SONGS FOR PIANO AND MEZZO-SOPRANO 2001 57. Four songs for mezzo soprano and guitar Poems by Kavafi, Xakuin, Musu. 2002 58. STILLNESS Concerto for saxophone and string orchestra 2002



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