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Name: Greek Composers Artistic Forum (Kallitechnicki Estia Syntheton)
Skills: Composer
Phone: 210-8022878
Fax: 210-8055507
Address: 185 Kiffisias Avenue, Marousi-Athens 15124, Greece
Links: E-mail
Organizing committee: S. Mazis C. Lignos, N.Taylor. Greek Composers Artistic Forum (Kallitechniki Estia Syntheton-K.E.SY.) is an open and dynamic group of Greek composers who are mainly active in the field of concert music. Its main aims are: To create a platform in which colleagues can gather, exchange ideas and information, and discuss problems related to contemporary music and composition. To organize concerts featuring Greek works in collaboration with talented new performers and ensembles. To collaborate worldwide, mainly thru the Web, with composers, groups and institutions with similar aims.

The Forum developed from the need to brake away from the perennial isolation of the composer's profession and come in contact with other colleagues. Thus, in February 1999, the first open composers forum of K.E.SY. was organized, in the premises of the Conservatory of Classical & Contemporary Music in Marousi, Athens. Since then, this has been a steady activity of K.E.SY. The participants meet regularly, throughout the academic year, in the School's Recital Room, in order to present aspects of their work, introduce recordings or performances of their pieces and exchange ideas and thoughts about music-making and composition. They also listen to and discuss works by Greek colleagues, either living abroad or of Greek origin, whose work is presented by the researcher and music-writer Thomas Tamvakos. In this way, K.E.SY. has come in contact with D. Constantinidis in the USA, M. Sofianopoulo in Italy and J. Psathas in New Zealand

Some of the meetings have been solely dedicated to one prominent composer, Greek and foreign. So far the following composers have presented their work: The late Dimitris Dragatakis. The President of the Greek Composers Union, Thodoros Antoniou. The composer-conductor Dimitris Agrafiotis. The composer and Byzantine music specialist Michalis Adamis. The USA based Greek composer & teacher Dinos Constantinidis



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