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Name: William Copper
Skills: Composer (Contemporary American composer of choral, chamber, and orchestral music.)
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American composer, born 1953 in Lyndhurst, Virginia, USA. His studies began in mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, followed by an extended period of self-education, private studies in composition with composer George Crumb, and undergraduate studies in music composition at the Eastman School of Music. A Fulbright Scholarship to Poland followed, where Copper studied composition with composer Krzysztof Penderecki in association with the State Higher School of Music in Krakow.

Copper now lives in Wilmington, Delaware, where he is an independent composer and publisher of music. His output includes chamber music, including three piano trios and two string quartets, orchestral music, including three symphonies, a violin concerto, and several shorter works, an opera, an oratorio, and a great deal of choral music, including his most well-known works, "Lovelife Dances" for chorus and 4-hand piano, and "Sea Songs", for a cappella chorus.

Copper's music is published by the Hartenshield Group, Inc, and licensed for performance by BMI. Additional information may be found on the Hartenshield web pages, at .



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