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Name: Alvaro "Archaic" Ruiz
Skills: Composer, Player, Writer, producer (Hip hop producer, lyricist, keyboard player and all around genius.)
Phone: +1 (949) 307-3986
Address: Anaheim 92648, United States
Links: Website     E-mail
Hello there. They call me Archaic...I've been composing electronic music and playing keyboards and writing lyrics since elementary school. I'm currently twenty years old and a member of CM Zero, the most groundbreaking hip hop group to come out in years. I founded "Flesh Eating Records" in 2001 and have been working day and night to produce original and catchy, yet mind bending hip hop. We have over 20 albums in our discography currently available only through our site. All of this will soon change...I guarantee it! Contact me if you wish to be involved in the next generation of music.



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