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Name: Pt Debotosh Dey
Skills: Soloist
Phone: +91 9231523078
Address: 28/10B,Nakuleswar Bhattacharjee Lane,Kolkata-700026, India, India
Links: Website     E-mail
Pt Debotosh Dey is a top ranking artist of India. He receieved thorough training in music from his father, The late Bhabatosh Dey. And afterwards, guidance from R.B.U. He is the solo performing artist in Hindustani Classical Slide Guitar and/or Hans Veena (Light Classical also). He has already been invited from various Universities/Organizations and so on ... of India and abroad. He also worked at Internationally reputed 'All India Radio' (He worked at All India Radio Panaji, Goa, 1989-1997 as a government employee (Staff artist in Guitar) under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Also worked at Audience Research Unit (Govt of India). He won the Cash award from Govt of India, recipient of 'ABHIGNAN POTRO' of Ministry of Information and Culture. His superior performance may be compared with that of any Classical Guitar Artists in India like Pt V M Bhatt, S Bhatt and so on ... which please note. The tone, created by Mr Dey that blends his instrument with Sitar, Sorode and Veena techniques ... He is also teacher (Guru) of some well established guitar artists. There are many words to write about the said artist and his mesmerizing performances.



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