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Name: Denny (Dennis) Timothy, Jonathon, Lorne Barch
Skills: Arranger, Composer, Singer, Writer (Specializing in Instrumental/Melodic Style)
Phone: 613 366 4552
Fax: 613.366.4552
Address: Westboro Area, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Links: Website     E-mail
Greetings fellow Musicians I'm Denny Barch. I live in Ottawa Ontario CANADA; not all my life mind you - I was born in a very small country town in the Niagara Escarpment called Grimsby. I had a rather tragic beginning; losing my mother at 2.5 years of age; from a family of 7 altogether. By the time my mother was 33 she was to pass away by cancer. This was back in 1969. Dec 25th, Christmas Eve actually. To this day I have a certain fondness for several Carols of that season. Silent Night in particular, as well as a few other traditional hymns of similar style.

As a young man, having endured the trials and tribulations of foster homes; in and out of them, i reached the age of 6. By this time I felt I had grown up and was finally an adult. Needless to say, a lot of emotion had built up into my little, fragile self. My spirit was filled with emotion, with sad questions. To this day I truly believe that it was this disposition at such an early age, an early time in my life that I was destined to require an outlet. And what an outlet i found!

At the age of 9, I found/discovered a piano at my grandmother's house. At this point I was adopted into a family and had made attempts at settling down. Once I found this piano I became fascinated by it. I tapped tapped tapped on this piano until my fingers grew raw; but eventually I tapped out my first coherent work of music. It is entitled Little ballerina; it can be found on my YouTube page for those who care to listen.

I now find myself working on several different works at any given time. I love choral work, I love instrumental work. Currently I am procuring an operetta full of melodic arias and recitative passages. It's an epic tale debunking the idea of original sin. It has angels and demons and hard working philosophical men and women who in the end, figure out the solution to good and evil in the world. At this point I look forward to hearing from other like minded composers and musicians alike. Onward we go!



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