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Name: Michael Glenn Williams
Skills: Accompanist, Composer, Publisher (Composer, pianist, publisher)
Address: Newbury Park, CA, United States
Links: Website     E-mail
Michael Glenn Williams composes for a wide range of musical styles and purposes, from prize winning contemporary classical symphonic concert music, concert choir, chamber and solo piano works to avant-garde electronic music, tonal and free atonal, Christian, Hebrew and popular songwriting, jazz and free jazz, television and film. His new jazz group "1 40 4 20" has released two albums: "Jazz Trespassers" and "Wet", to critical acclaim. Michael G. Williams’ music and piano performance is featured on the recent movies "Wonderland", "Wicker Park", and "The Limey" from Universal Pictures.

As a columnist, his articles have appeared in Electronic Music Educator, Klavier and Computer Music Journal. Michael G. Williams is well known in the computer industry as an expert in operating system design, system hardware design and computer chip functional design. He serves full time as Principal Technical Architect for Nokia‘s Enterprise Systems division. He was the author of the music, MIDI sequencing, typesetting and printing program SuperScore, and consulted on the design of the original music font for general use "Sonata" with Adobe Systems. His name appears in two IEEE international computer standards, and he serves as officer in the current IEEE 802.21 standard.



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