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Name: Andrew Jean Chu
Skills: Accompanist, Player, Singer, Soloist
Phone: +359 2 384154 (mobile) +359 887 67 20 77
Address: Housing Complex Nadejda 4, Blk. 420, ent., 2, 3rd fl., Sofia, Bulgaria
Links: E-mail
I am an experienced guitarist, vocalist and song writer. I used to record rap songs and dance on stage. I have been on stage about 8yrs. I also used to be a lead guitarist of a club band in Sofia Bulgaria. I am a black African living permanently in Bulgaria. My styles of guitar music is very close to that of the legend guitar player Jimi Hendrix. He inspired me a lot in my walk with the guitar but nonetheless I still have my own personal approach to the music. I have recorded many songs that I wrote and now hoping and praying to find sponsorship to publish them. I am ready to perform, the stage is where I belong. God bless you for reading it.



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