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Name: Alvaro Lopez
Skills: Teacher (Drum tutor)
Phone: +44 (0)7780 887870
Address: Clapham, London SW12, United Kingdom
Links: E-mail
Alvaro Lopez was born in Madrid, Spain on April 18th 1979. From an early age he felt attracted to music and soon joined the school choir at the age of six. At twelve, after not being allowed to have a drum kit he started studying classical guitar. Soon after picking up the guitar he started writing songs. When he was fourteen he started singing in a Band with his twin brother Michael. The band was called ‘Grieving Toes’ and Alvaro soon found himself occupying the drum chair.

At fifteen only six weeks after picking up the drums he had his first gig. This would lead to nearly four years of regular gigs all over Spain. At nineteen he finally decided to make a career of drumming and went to London. Shortly after he started studying at Drumtech, London School of Music where he was trained by erudites such as Paul Elliott, Pete Cater and Bosco D’Oliviera.

Alvaro has been playing around the London music scene for the last 5 years and performs regularly at venues such as The Borderline, The Scala or The Jazz Café. Over the years he has built a reputation for serious grooving and a tasty authentic feel to whatever he plays. He has performed with some of the top names in the UK such as Soweto Kinch Dan Sells and Gary Crosby.

Alvaro is also an active producer having composed house and d n b for a number of national and Spanish DJ’s. Currently Alvaro plays for Paul Sayer an upcoming London Songwriter/ Guitarist. He also plays drums in one of London’s hot Indie Bands and can regularly be seen playing Jazz in weekly Jam sessions and Performing with Latin-Jazz Quintett: Tribe Mecanic.



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