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Name: Sunwrae
Skills: Accompanist, Arranger, Composer, Manager, Player, Soloist, Teacher, Writer (Piano, Vibraphone, Trumpet, Mellophone, Glcokenspeil, Melodica, Guitar, Vocals.)
Address: PO Box 1317, North Fitzroy, Victoria 3068, Australia
Links: Website     E-mail
Rae Howell is a freelance musician, working as a composer and performer in Melbourne Australia, currently under the name of 'sunwrae'. Rae’s writings present an original, all-instrumental contemporary classical music program, stemming from the piano and vibraphone, extending to instrumental ensembles as large as the orchestra. She works regularly as a session multi-instrumentalist, in both studio and live performance areas, on piano and vibraphone, trumpet, mellophone, glockenspiel, melodica, guitar, vocals and percussion.

The Sunwrae Ensemble consists, in various combinations, of piano, vibraphone, harp, clarinet, lap-steel guitar, double bass, strings and percussion, artistically implementing improvisation, creating eclectic textures and rhythmical intricacy. Written by Rae Howell and performed live and semi-improvised by the Sunwrae Ensemble, Sunwrae Muisc welcomes proposals for production and collaborations.



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