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Name: Ulagh Goosen
Skills: Accompanist, Arranger, Composer, Player, Singer, Soloist, Teacher (Classical, jazz and contemporary genres)
Phone: +27 83 6274686
Address: 10 Troupant Street, Stellenbosch, South Africa
Links: E-mail
I am a qualified music teacher (piano, voice, and subject music) and hold a Masters degree in Musicology from the University of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. I also hold a Performers Licentiate (Piano) from the Trinity College of London (LTCL).

I have 4 years' music teaching experience and have acted as vocalist, pianist, accompanist, arranger, composer and musical director since 2000. I am currently a jazz performer and musical director full time, and act as arranger and performer for various productions, ranging from Big Band and musicals, to theatre and ensembles.

I have performed in various stage productions, including "Chicago" and "Sweet Charity", have written and directed musicals, played in the Standard Bank National Youth Big Band, and performed with the East Cape Philharmonic Orchestra.

Over the last year, I have performed full-time (as pianist and vocalist) in the UAE (both in Abu Dhabi and Dubai) and Cape Town.



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