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Name: Cancionero
Skills: Ensemble (Early Music Group)
Phone: +44 7802 752995
Fax: +44 8701 681024
Address: Ferndale, Laddingford, Kent ME18 6BU, United Kingdom
Links: Website     E-mail
Cancionero is an Early Music Ensemble based in the Sevenoaks and Maidstone area of Kent. The group came together in 1997 to perform music from the Middle Ages and early Renaissance with an emphasis on the troubadour and Spanish repertoire but also including music from the Tudor court. Programmes are available with from 2 to 5 performers.

Members of the group sing and perform on a wide variety of instruments: Renaissance recorders, cornamuse, bagpipes, medieval and renaissance lute, vihuela, harp, gittern, citole, crwth, dulcimer, psaltery, rebec, virginals, sinfonie, hurdy-gurdy and percussion.

Tudor presentations for schools a speciality; performances in period costume available at extra cost.

The group draws on the skills of a pool of musicians: Anthony Purnell (voice, winds, strings and virginals) Anne Purnell (voice, recorders, virginals, hurdy-gurdy and percussion) Stephen Dyer (voice, winds, sinfonie and percussion) Helen Johnson (rebec and voice) Emily Mason (recorder and percussion) Brian White (voice and percussion)



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