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Name: Christian Calcatelli
Skills: Composer, Writer ( )
Phone: +39 3398196090
Address: C.P. 20082, Rome Spinaceto 00128, Italy
Links: Website     E-mail
Christian Calcatelli ( is currently known by hundreds of fans worldwide for his captivating and inspirational solo piano music, his original compositions and his astounding solo improvisations.

Today, at 24 years of age, Christian has treasured all the teachings received through time and made them his own, developing a personal, intimate style of piano playing. Particularly fascinated by distant cultures, from Celtic to African, Christian has created an original palette of colors on the piano that suggest sounds and melodies of instruments coming from other lands and times in a modern, unique and appealing way.

In September 2004 Christian grabbed the attention of nearly 30,000 fans and listeners with a truly historical and unique event. Teaming up with Zillion Productions, who was able to realize and fulfill his vision, Christian set an official Guinness World Record ™ in longest solo music internet broadcast by playing the piano for 60 hours and one minute in aid of the Calx Project at the Alberto Sordi Gallery, one of Rome’s most renown locations. Christian improvised in his style for the whole duration of the event for three days and two nights while raising funds for children in behalf of international humanitarian organization PLAN International. This exciting show was defined as ‘breath-taking, simply captivating!’ (il Giornale, 16/09/04)

While working on his new solo CD, Christian’s main goal is to work in the music business as a movie composer and to promote the concept of The Calx Project in various European capitals in 2005: raising awareness of the problems children are facing and how all of us can give a helping hand.



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