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Name: Mary Elizabeth Sholl
Skills: Administrator, Singer, Soloist
Address: United States
Links: Website     E-mail
Mary Sholl has the astonishingly rare range of First Soprano through Second Tenor, most likely due to male shortages in various groups. Bel Canto trained, performance experience nonetheless also embraces rock and roll, rhythm and blues, jazz, folk, gospel and new age, and diction includes French, Italian, German, Spanish, Latin and Hawaiian, plus innumerable works transliterated.

Initially reared in the rich singing tradition offered at All Saints' in Chevy Chase, Maryland, soloistic qualities were elaborated upon at home by virtue of a mother who was a concert pianist who also enjoyed singing with her five children clustered around the piano, and then put into full swing with private voice lessons at home once moved to Piedmont, California.

Continuing a rich singing life, Mary was continuously the youngest ever admitted to whatever established group it was she was singing in, and following a passion for madrigals, founded The Troubadours, which today annually remains a tradition with some talented Piedmont High School students, who indepedently hold auditions to keep the singing positions filled and going strong.

Majoring in Voice Performance at the University of the Pacific's Conservatory of Music, Mary transferred to the University of Nevada, Reno, to simultaneously perform with The Nevada Opera, which she did for three years and also served as one of the make-up artists. She continued performing in groups and as soloist in Reno, as well as again in the greater metropolitan Washington, D.C. and San Francisco Bay areas. Additionally, Mary has served as an executive assistant in offices of law, banking, high tech, and to a music conductor, and has taken steps to augment her singing by additional coursework to embrace film, business, computers, the business practices of photography and a great deal more.



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