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Name: Bobby Rootveld
Skills: Accompanist, Arranger, Composer, Manager, Player, Publisher, Soloist, Teacher, Writer, actor, comedian
Phone: +31-743841718
Address: Tusveld 71, Bornerbroek 7627 NW, Netherlands
Links: Website     E-mail
Bobby Rootveld(1981) is a guitarist, composer, actor/comedian & producer from the Netherlands. He studied classical guitar with his father Fred Rootveld and with Louis Ignatius Gall (at the conservatory of Enschede), former student of Andres Segovia. Bobby is a member of Duo NIHZ (guitar and recorder combined with theatre) and The Guitar Company (guitar-trio). He plays multiple string & percussion-instruments. Bobby Rootveld has his own record-label which specializes in cabaret, comedy, classical music & 'popmusic with an edge'. He's also on stage as a comedian in cabaret-shows. As an actor he has played some small rolls in movies. Bobby Rootveld followed masterclasses with Jim ten Boske, Yves Storms, Reinbert Evers, Richard Pilkington, Massimo Laura, Edith Leerkens, Ullrich Steier, Theo Willemze, Henk Olden, Karel de Rooij (Mini & Maxi), Lyz Day and Jim Johnson. There are cd's and dvd's available with Bobby Rootveld as a musician/comedian.



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