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Name: Aimee Tenille Carlson
Skills: Singer, Dancer (Ballet, Ballroom, Jazz, Tap, Funk, Hip Hop, Aerobics)
Address: Victoria 3912, Australia
Links: E-mail
Aimee Tenille Carlson, Born in 1992 in Melbourne; Australia. Started off life with a musical liking, Even though she never really had any family members with a musical background. At the age of Six she got accepted into the national childrens choir of Australia and started Ballet, Tap and Jazz at Inspirations Academy of dance and drama.

Aimee continued dancing and singing at those places until the ages of 11 them moved on to Hip Hop, Aerobics and Singing. She still attended Inspirations academy but was now enrolled at A school of music in her local town. In 2003 Aimee was in her primary schools rock estedford and started taking piano lessons. In 2004 Aimee was asked to be envolved in the schools production and proudly was apart of it.

When Aimee moved to secondry school she knew no one because she was the only person from her primary school how had enrolled there. She had to quit piano because lessons werent availible at her new school. Aimee tried out for the Schools Dance teams in year seven (2005) and made it in to the Junior Funk Team who came first in state and 6th at nationals. They were a successful team all year. Aimee was also envolved in Bye Bye Birdie the school production which she was a lead dancer and had a small solo vocal and acting part.

In year eight(2006)Aimee was good enough to make the cut of Upstage's senior Funk team. She was also lucky enough to be asked into her secondry schools theme team who are doing Grease this year. She is the youngest on her theme team. In 2006 Aimee took up Ballroom dancing and within four weeks of lessons was at her bronze stage. She still does singing. She is also apart of the school production this year "Fame" as a lead dancer and a solo singer and a small acting part. She is also taking on coaching to primary school funk teams. Aimee wishes to some day end up in the music industry as either a famous vocal musican, actress or dancer. She is also interesting in becoming a song writer if her plan fails she hopes to teach the beauty of dance, music, song and drama to younger children



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