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Name: Ariel Lanyi
Skills: Composer, Soloist (piano)
Phone: 97226414481
Fax: 97226428864
Address: 39 Sh. Levin, Jerusalem 96664, Israel
Links: Website     E-mail
I share my birthday (October 10th) with Giuseppe Verdi, Thelonious Monk, Harry Sweets Edison, and Junior Mance. But because I was born in 1997, the only one of these that I met in person is Junior Mance. (Here is the autograph I received from him.)

At the age of 5 I started piano lessons with my teacher, Leah Agmon. I also started playing the violin at that time. At 6 I started to learn composition. When I was 7 I discovered jazz. I was nearly 8 when I began to study jazz with J.C. Jones, and played my first jazz session on my 8th birthday.



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