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Name: Alan Lechusza
Skills: Arranger, Composer, Conductor, Player, Teacher, Writer, multiple woodwind performer/composer (multi-woodwind performer/composer)
Phone: +1 (619) 895 4302
Address: 4603 Santa Monica Ave., San Diego/CA 92107, United States
Links: Website     E-mail
Multi-instrumentalist and composer Alan Lechusza is quickly gaining ground as one of the new woodwind players/improvisers to watch. His versatility on all the woodwind instruments (western and non-western aero phones) and his vast knowledge of genres, both as an improviser and as a studio musician, has led him to be in high demand. Alan has premiered numerous works by Wadada Leo Smith, Will Ogden, Christopher Adler, Vinny Golia, Anthony Davis, James Newton and more. He has performed and toured in Europe, Canada, Japan and all around the United States with soNu, Ark Ensemble, Arcanum, Quarteto Nuevo, The Aulos Saxophone Quartet and The Charles Owens Saxophone Quartet, to name only a few. Alan's work as a composer is always in high demand as he is able to combine subtle and heavy textures onto a sonic canvas which is both enlightening and challenging for the listener and performer alike. He has received numerous world premiers and commissions as well as having compositions performed at the 13th annual World Saxophone Congress (Montreal, Canada), North American Saxophone Alliance (NASA) and an excerpt from his ongoing opera 'TRAPA' at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival (Denmark).

Alan Lechusza performs with the following ensembles: The Alan Lechusza Quartet Christopher Adler/Alan Lechusza Duo Quartetto Nuevo ARCANUM Carolyn/Alan Lechusza Duo other ensembles include: Vinny Golia Large Ensemble MAD TRIO The Christopher Adler Trio The Michael Vlatkovich Ensembles

Alan Lechusza is represented by Black Phone Records. Please check the website: for more information.

Please contact Alan Lechusza directly at:



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