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Name: Melopoetica
Skills: Ensemble
Address: United Kingdom
Links: Website     E-mail
The period instrument ensemble Melopoetica was formed in 2003 – Barbara Barros and Siv Thomassen, baroque violins; Iason Ioannou, baroque cello and Erik Dippenaar, harpsichord. Their goals include the deliverance of exciting performances of repertoire from the late sixteenth century to the classical works of Mozart and Haydn, which move and affect the audiences. Melopoetica is an international and diverse ensemble, which helps to bring an extraordinary input to their musical interpretation. Individually, and as an ensemble, the members have performed in many major venues in London and throughout Europe. Melopoetica has been invited to play in renowned festivals and venues in England, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, South Africa and Mozambique. Melopoetica obtained the “English Concert Junior Fellow” title at Trinity College of Music, London, in 2006.

REPERTOIRE THEMES: A Venetian Rhetoric - music by Castello, Rosenmuller, Marini & Vivaldi Chiaro e Escuro - music by Frescobaldi, C.P.E.Bach, Biber, Corelli, Locatelli Bach's Empfindsame Reise - music by J.S.Bach and his family "faire is foule and foule is faire" - music by W.Boyce, H.Purcell, J.Blow, Avison, Dowland & Handel Diabolus in Musica - music by Locatelli, Barriere, Royer, Biber & Vivaldi 'The Mysterious Microcosm' - music by Vivaldi, Geminiani, Frescobaldi & Biber



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