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Gordon Rumson, piano
Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra
Borjan Canev, conductor
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Grace Williams: Penillion
anon: Hungarian folksongs
Musorgsky, arranged Lawrence Leonard: Pictures at an Exhibition

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Hints and Notes:

You only have to complete the sections marked in red. Everything else is optional. For a quick, practical entry, specify a web page for further information, and just complete the red sections.

For best results, submit details as far in advance of your concert(s) as possible (i.e. at least six weeks), and provide full details (as separate form submissions) of each event in, for example, a festival or series that spans more than one day. This will give better coverage in the listings than just providing one entry using the start and end dates for, say, a festival. (If you do want just one listing for a multi-day event, use the start and end dates, leave the time blank, and put details of individual events in the Other Details section.)

To add several concerts with similar details, complete the form once and submit the first concert. Then use your browser's back button, change the date and anything else you need to, and submit again.

If you realise that you've made a mistake immediately after submitting a concert, you can use your browser's back button to correct and resubmit the form. You may, temporarily, see more than one listing of your concert, but we'll use only the most recently submitted version of each concert.

The concert listings are checked, published and, if necessary, modified, by human editors. Normally your concert(s) will appear in our main database within 24 hours of submission, but sometimes it will take longer, so please be patient. We reserve the right to amend or not publish anything submitted, without giving a reason.

Please use plain text only, and don't capitalise whole words, names or sentences. Don't use HTML or any other markup in any of the fields on this form. The system works best if you don't use accented characters ... i.e. like this: Dvorak.

Please follow the instructions given next to the entry fields carefully.

If you discover mistakes, programmes are changed, artists fall ill or concerts have to be cancelled, please contact us with enough information to enable us to make the change for you, or submit a replacement listing.

If you have any problems using this system, please contact us and describe your problem.

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