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Classical and contemporary concerts in South Africa

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20 July 2018 until 28 July 2018
Cape Town

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Ihlombe! South African Choral Festival

The Ihlombe! South African Choral Festival offers a one of a kind choral experience in dynamic settings including Cape Town, Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Soweto as well as a Scenic Game Park. Your choir will have the opportunity to perform with many excellent International and South African Choirs, as well as participate in workshops with famous Choral Conductors. Collaborate with multiple choirs in extraordinary venues and diverse and sizeable audiences. You will experience African drumming, dancing, and their wonderful, unique singing. This festival includes adult choirs, university choirs, as well as children's and youth choirs, and all choirs have the opportunity to perform in several concerts, each conducted by their own music director. Each concert concludes with a joint choral selection sung by all participating choirs.

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