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6 April 2021 until 6 April 2023
New York

Patrick Owens
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NYCHORAL presents Mother to Son, the fourth featured production in Our Voices 2020-2021 Season of mu

NY Choral Society
David Hayes, Music Director
Francesca Harper, Choreographer
Zoie Reams, Mezzo-soprano
Hope Clarke and Ricardo Hartley, Dancers
Alshante Baker, Artist

Langston Hughes Poet
Undine Smith Moore’s Choral interpretation: Mother to Son

NYCHORAL presents Mother to Son, the fourth featured production in Our Voices 2020-2021 Season of multidisciplinary digital productions of acapella choral works
Premiering April 6, this production features a performance of Undine Smith Moore’s powerful choral interpretation of Langston Hughes’ poem Mother to Son in collaboration with choreographer Francesca Harper and featuring Mezzo-soprano Zoie Reams.

Incorporating elements of dance, story-telling, visual art, and music Mother to Son reflects on a poem that paints the portrait of black life in America and Moore’s 1955 composition by way of inspiration of black spirituals and folk music. This collaboration, which also features dancers Hope Clarke and Ricardo Hartley and artist Alshante Baker shines a light on history, storytelling and activism in the context of the Black narrative of yesterday and today.
23 April 2023
Sanders Theatre
45 Quincy Street

Caleb Shi or Stephanie Yoshida
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$20 adults, students free
Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra Performs Mahler's Symphony No. 7

Gabrielle Grant, harp
Stephanie Yoshida, violin
Anna Teunis, french horn
Kaede Ishidate, cello
Nicholas Lee, french horn
Jenny Wang, flute
Caleb Shi, violin
Caleb Fried, trumpet
many others

Conductor, Federico Cortese

Gustav Mahler's Symphony No. 7
"Song of the Night"

The Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra is a collegiate symphony orchestra comprising Harvard students and is based in Cambridge, MA.

Founded in March 1808 as the Pierian Sodality, the orchestra is considered by some to be the oldest symphony orchestra in the United States. The Harvard Radcliffe Orchestra is student-managed and professionally conducted.

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